For your first massage please arrive 15 minutes in advance to give time to take your health information. Thereafter, please always arrive on time.

Your first Swedish massage:

It is best not to eat in the 90 minutes before your massage so that you can relax and fully enjoy the session. It is respectful to take a bath or shower before arriving. It this is not possible a shower and towel are available on asking.

When you arrive, we will talk about your général health and any restrictions of movement, to confirm your readiness to receive a massage. A massage is NOT recommend in the following conditions: very recent surgery or cardio-vascular illness, a heavy cold, flu or untreated skin disease. If you have the slightest doubt, please verify with your personal doctor and discuss it when you make an appointment with us.

Once our health discussion is completed, I will leave you alone to undress and lie on the table between the sheets. Being naked helps the fluidity of the massage but it is also normal and acceptable to remain in your underwear.

The massage can cover the whole body, whilst respecting your personal intimacy. You will never be exposed naked on the table as the sheets are adjusted for each postion to maintain your decency. In general the massage focusses on one part of the body at a time with slow sliding pressure to encourage drainage as a conclusion to each section.

Your first Thai Yoga massage.

It is best not to eat for the 90 minutes before a massage and bring or wear loose comfortable clothing. You can take a shower if you come directly from work or physical activity. Given the time restraints please ask about showering before you arrive.

When you arrive we will briefly talk about your général health and possible restrictions to your movements, injuries and bruises/sensitivities to avoid. Your massage will be more relaxing without any pain. Some postures can be demanding but always within you feeling "this is doing me good".

Your posture during the massage will move through being sat cross-legged, lying on your back, your side, your chest/abdomen, according to your needs and the duration of the session.

I recommend a 90 minute session for thaî yoga as it allows for more of the many different and bénéficial postures. But 60 minutes will still be deeply relaxing and life-giving!


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I recommend you think ahead a little and plan your massage day, to get the most from the benefits and also make it easier to choose a convenient time: its worth it!



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