Bioenergetic Exercises and Massage


Massage helps you to feel good in your body. But this great feeling of freedom, energy and spaceousness can continue in your everyday life.
Omega Touch offers Bioenergetic Exercise classes in a group.

These exercises help you to expérience:
  • breathing more naturally, like the waves on a beach
  • greater inner freedom; say goodbye to the muscular rigidity caused by stress
  • a feeling of being more alive

Some free classes are available each month. Ask for details.

You can also combine a massage of 30 or 60 minutes with the exercises (30$ or 60$ for the exercise session, on top of the cost of the massage). Please ask for more details.

Here is a vidéo of some of the exercises:

Some individuals use the exercises as part of a psychotherapy:

International Institute of Bioenergetic Analysis

Quebec Society of Bioenergetic Analysis


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I recommend you think ahead a little and plan your massage day, to get the most from the benefits and also make it easier to choose a convenient time: its worth it!



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